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we manage parking with smart solutions

Parking made simple.  

Over 1000 parking spaces managed in the US Virgin Islands

Covered and Open Air

Smart Parking

Future is Now

We use a combination of software solutions to provide convenient parking locations and the technology to manage it. Find your parking spot easily online.  

Smart Parking with QR codes provides a ticketless method for parking. How it works in a parking lot.

QR code-based payments  work in tandem with smart parking software to make parking more convenient. VIParking installs a QR code at the entrance of the parking lot. This code when scanned directs car owners to the payment portal, through which they can book and pay for a parking space.

Once the online transaction is complete, both the admin and the car owner get notified about the successful payment on their registered email address. Now the driver can move directly to the designated parking area and park their vehicle.

According to the International Parking Institute, the parking industry generates more than $20 billion annually in revenue and the United States has more than 105 million parking spaces along with five million parking meters.

Solution & Focus Area

Smart Barrier

Enforce Parking Spaces with our smart Barriers

Payment Gateway Services

Parking Managed Services

Our Smart Parking Solutions integrates payment gateway services with Smart devices  to protect, reserve and pay for parking. 


Total Project


Years Experience

Our Project

VIP Barrier

Protect your parking space. Monetize your parking lot investment. Leverage next generation technology to make it seamless

Comprehensive Smart Parking

  • Mobile Phone control
  • Internet control
  • Online payment systems
  • Weather proof 
  •  Vandal proof
  • Key Sharing 
  • Solar Panels
  • Auto-close 
  • Safety Pin 
  • QR code payment integration
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Featuring Chain Barrier

The chain barrier is a revolutionary way to managing and protecting your parking space. Moreover, it can be integrated with our License Plate Reader Camera which enables you to track and monetize your parking.